Is the Sand Motor a suitable alternative to our current coastline conservation methods? We will be able to answer that question in 2021 when the results of 10 years of measurements will be published. We will then know the effects of the Sand Motor on nature, (the type of) recreation and the development of the region.

Main findings after 5 years

Curious about what the Sand Motor will deliver? The first results were collected in 2016. The conclusions were positive. We discovered the following:

1. The Sand Motor will last longer than expected

It was thought in advance that the Sand Motor would last about 20 years. The 2016 results indicate a longer lifespan.

2. There is a great variety of flora and fauna

The number of plant species and habitats is increasing. The number of benthic animals is also increasing, which in turn means that more birds are migrating to the Sand Motor.

3. Fewer bathers, more walkers and kite surfers

The Sand Motor mainly attracts active Dutch people, such as walkers, runners and people walking their dog. Visitors also come horseback riding and fishing, and the area is very popular with kite surfers. The lagoon has now become a real hotspot.

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Curious about what the Sand Motor has delivered? Read the results of the first five years of research below.