Research into the Sand Motor

The Sand Motor is a popular research location. Researchers from various universities and other knowledge institutes have been closely following the development of the Sand Motor since its construction. They ask questions like: How does sand spread along the coast? To what extent does the Sand Motor contribute to coastal safety? How will nature develop in the shallow sea, on the beach and in the dunes? Are more fish and birds coming to the new coastline? And what effect will the new landscape have on recreational activities?

Data collection for new insights

Researchers mapped out various values ​​for the construction of the Sand Motor, but the work did not stop there. They have also constantly been collecting data on the Sand Motor. To find answers to all kinds of questions. The researchers are collecting data on:

  • flow;
  • spreading sand;
  • flora and fauna;
  • swimming safety;
  • dune development;
  • groundwater;
  • recreational use.

This data is collected in different ways, using a radar installation, depth and height measurements with jet skis, current buoys, observations and inventories of the landscape and nature.

10 years Building with Nature

The evaluation shows that the coast is broadening, dune growth is developing well and recreational users appreciate the area. The Sand Motor also contributes to knowledge development about coastal management and maintenance and inspires other coastal protection projects worldwide.

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