10 years of Sand Motor: ‘connecting nature, science and society’

In 2011 we started a pilot project: the Sand Motor. An artificial sandbank, a significant boost for innovative coastline maintenance and a perfect example of Building with Nature. Thanks to the influence of the wind and the sea currents, the Sand Motor has now grown into a beautiful nature reserve and recreational area. Its development is being closely followed and is receiving a great deal of international attention.

Ten years of research and special collaborations have resulted in an innovative way to maintain the coastal area, new possibilities for the surroundings and a wealth of knowledge. A unique connection between nature, science and society. We will present the results of the project on 1 July 2021 during the final congress marking 10 years of the Sand Motor, which is part of the international Coastal Dynamics congress.

The Sandmotor is an innovative way of coastline maintenance. Scientists will present the highlights of the most important insights and results of the 10 years research during this event.

For whom?

This conference is for policy makers, scientists and professionals involved in coastline maintenance.

Join us at the Sand Motor congress

Sign up for this milestone via the Coastal Dynamics congress website to be sure of a ticket. You can attend the event online or live. This partly depends on the COVID restrictions in place on 1 July. On 2 July you can take part in a field trip to the Sand Motor itself, with an explanation from the involved researchers and managers.

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